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Our service solve your temporary manpower needs, which gives your business a lot of flexibility and also, will free your business from hassle of any employer obligation. We will always strive to deliver high quality and cost-efficient manpower outsourcing to our clients be it from small to large companies.

About Our Outsourcing Services For Contract, Temporary & Part Time Manpower.

TempManpower (by One Macrayan Pte Ltd), provide outsourcing services for contract, temporary and part time manpower whom will be hired under our payroll as this will help our clients to save up a lot of time on staff management. Our temporary manpower services is designed to assist our clients in fulfilling their short-term staffing needs for their office works, which helps companies to adjust their workforce based on their business situation. Businesses can face sudden and unexpected staff requirement at any time, and some of the common examples are when your staff are hospitalized, when your staff are on Maternity leave, etc. While the obvious solution would be to simply hire more people, this solution to a company’s staffing problem isn’t always as simple as it may first appear. The increased demand may not be constant or your business may not be ready to accommodate a sudden expansion in its workforce.

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Temporary & Contract Customer Service Specialist

A customer service specialist is essential to provide support to customers in an efficient and accurate manner. She/he is considered the organization’s front-liner for answering and obtaining information for the general public and customers.

Not only so, but an excellent customer service skill is also required to walk customers through the problem-solving process. An experienced Customer Service Specialist will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the company’s products and information. The key skills that a good Customer Service Specialist must possess are good communication skills; customer service skills; organisational skills; discretion to protect personal or private information. They are also responsible for performing administrative duties for businesses and organizations.

An awesome Customer Service Specialist must be able to remain calm and patient when handling aggressive complaints. Willing to go the “extra mile” to meet customer enquiry. Are you looking for someone who can do all above and more? We do source for various industries. Let us know which are yours and the specific scope you are looking for.

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Our Manpower Outsourcing Services are specialise in the following Job Categories

Customer Service & Helpdesk

Receptionist & Administration

Human Resources

Accounting & Finance

Manpower for Education and Training Centre

Retail Staff

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